Integrated Coaching

CP-Gurukul has evolved a scientifically designed stress free coaching program integrated with school education to fulfill the dreams of aspiring students aiming for success in JEE, Pre- Medical, Olympiad, NTSE etc.

Integrated Coaching is student centric and synchronized with school education to utilize the time of student to its best. School learning is followed by preparation for competitive exams though advanced level illustrations, worksheets and exercise sheets.

Expert Faculty

CP-Gurukul is privileged to have the expert faculty that has decades of experience to groom students to succeed in various competitive exams. They follow scientifically designed result oriented teaching methodology.

Worksheets & Exercise Sheets

To strengthen the capability to apply concept & to elevate level of learning; Students are provided scientifically designed worksheet. Grated Exercise sheets are also provided to practice to enhance problem solving ability.

Doubt Removal Classes & Counters

Separate doubt removal classes are held after each chapter. To give personal attention to each student even outside the classrooms, faculty members remain available at Doubt Removal Counters. If an individual student feels that some topic / questions / statement are not clear then he/she may clarify these at Doubt Removal Counters in the one to- one interaction mode.

Reading Rooms

There is no limit to knowledge and to how much you can learn. The reading room offer perfect space for you to focus on subject matters under supervision of faculty members in peaceful and modern ambience.

Video Lecture Library

Pre-recorded lectures of star faculty members are available in Knowledge lab for individual understanding of the topic, effective revision and to cover the left portion of the class due to absenteeism or any other reason.

Motivation & Academic Seminar

Regular motivational, academic and Career Guidance seminars are part of system. Students are motivated and guided by experts to achieve their goal through audio-visual clippings, inspirational examples in these seminars.

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Target Exams

  • Class 6th to 10th : NMTC, Olympiad NTSE, IJSO & Foundation for JEE and NEET.
  • Class 11th & 12th : JEE and NEET.