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School Rules

Academic Session (2024- 25)

New session will start from 3rd April, 2024
* Parents are requested to strictly follow the below guidelines for the smooth functioning of the school.

School Timings:

Class I to XII : 07:50 AM – 02:00 PM

Code of Conduct

Dress Code:

  • Students have to come in proper school uniform, casual dress will not be allowed. Only new students can come in casual dress up to 3rd April, 2024. After that no relaxation will be given.
  • On Wednesday and Saturday, Student is supposed to wear House uniform (Class I onwards) with white P.T. (canvas) shoes. During winters they are supposed to wear House t-shirt, sleeveless sweater, trousers, Sweat shirt, blazer and white P.T. shoes
  • Girls have to come in 2 pleats with black rubber band(White rubber band on Wednesdays and Saturdays)
  • Girls should not apply Mehandi/ Nail paint, ornamaents in regular school days. Girls and Boys both are not allowed to wear watches till VIIIth standard.
  • Girls and Boys should have regular Nails and hair cut.
  • Students from Class VI onwards are not supposed to come in casual dress on their birthdays.


  • Students have to reach school on time. Punctuality of your child will be appreciated. Parents are requested to escort their ward till area permitted & not to the class.
  • Students who are late more than 3 times in a month, will be sent back.
  • Parents are not allowed to meet their ward during school hours. School discourages the students to be taken home during the school hours due to security reasons.
  • In case of any illness, doctor’s appointment or family functions etc, half day leave must be taken before 11:30 AM. Once the attendance is marked for second half, half day leave will not be permitted to the students.
  • Parents are not permitted to ask for early leaving of their ward after break, unless there is any serious issue.
  • It is compulsory for the parents to check the diary of their ward daily and put signatures after completion of homework.
  • Students are not allowed to bring cake or gifts on their birthday. They are allowed to distribute toffees only.
  • Any issues can be discussed with co-ordinators and Principal with prior appointment on all Saturdays. No meeting/ discussion with class teacher or subject teachers is allowed other than on PTM.


  • The books & notebooks should be covered and labelled properly throughout the year otherwise correction will not be done.
  • The belongings of your ward (Bags, lunch box, water bottles, Blazer) should be properly labelled with name and class and they should be well maintained.
  • Diary is an important mean of communication between school and parents. Hence you are requested to send diary daily and put your initials after reading it daily.
  • No note should be written in notebooks. Parents can send notes only through diary.
  • Parents have to send all the books & notebooks with cover & names on very first day as these will be kept in school by class teachers (For Classes PG to II)
  • During any event or function put labels or name tag on your ward’s belongings.
  • Any sort of costly pencil box or fancy items are strictly not allowed.


  • Attendance on the First and the Last working day of every term is compulsory. Parents are requested to plan their vacations according to ALMANAC and Academic Calendar.
  • Leave Application has to be sent for prior information leave format given in Almanac. In case of emergency parents are free to call at office.
  • In case of absenteeism, parents are requested to get the pending work photocopied on their own. Parents can come to school before 12:00 Noon and collect subject copies of some other student, get them photocopied and return within half an hour. In any case, subject copies of some other student will not be provided to be taken to home.
  • Annual syllabus, Date sheet, Academic Planner, Activity Planner will be given to the students once in the beginning of session and not sent back again.

Examination Guidelines

  • According to CBSE, the entire session will comprise of two Periodic Assessments and two Term exams.
  • Annual Date sheet and Term Syllabus given to the student will not be given again during the session. So keep it safely with you.
  • Students have to submit the weekly test copies to class teachers immediately after the school reopens for new academic session.
  • Attendance is compulsory for all tests and examinations held during the year. No re-Test will be taken for any schedule. Retest will only be taken in case the child is sick for which proper application along with medical certificate has to be submitted within one week.
  • Students appearing in the exam have to adhere to school rules with regards to attire, hairstyle and accessories.
  • No extra time will be given to students who are late comers.
  • It is mandatory for parents to attend the PTM.

Last but not the least, failing to follow any of the rules of the school, in junior section, parents will be asked for the explanation and in senior section, some disciplinary action will be taken for the student.

Hence, it is a humble request to the parents to follow all the guidelines given by the school for smooth functioning and perfect development of the school.